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Cash home buyers are investors who utilize their own assets to cover the purchase of a home.  This is beneficial to you because they don’t have to go through the lengthy lending process. Purchasing a house for cash can enable you to close in as little as 3 days. In the case you’re needing to sell your house fast, reach out. We buy houses cash, as-is, and any situation. 

The fastest way to sell your house is by selling to a cash home buyer. At Texas Cash Home Buyers we buy houses cash, in as little as 3 days! You can avoid the costly repairs and sell without a realtor and their commissions. Other people needing to “sell my house fast as is” goes this route. 

Using home cash buyers to purchase your home is a wise decision. Dealing with a cash buyer can give you a much faster closing time, sometimes as soon as 3 days. Selling to a cash home buyer also avoids making any costly repairs or realtor commissions.  

We have simple steps to ensure that the process is quick and flawless. Never pay commissions or closing costs with our house buyers Texas program.

1.Give Us Call

Contact us and tell us your story. It helps to understand the situation so we can figure out the right solutions for you.

2.Free Home Assessment

At no charge we assess your home. We then come up with a strategic plan to find a win/win scenario for everyone.

3. Same Day Cash Offer

We send over the contract the same day, no hidden fees, exactly as discussed. We can close as fast or slow as you need.

4. Close Fast and Get Cash

After we execute the contract the title company will do the underwriting to switch ownership. Once the title company is good, we sign documents, and you get paid. 


It is clear that Texas Cash Home Buyers provides the fastest way to sell House as is for cash. We pride ourselves in ensuring transparency, flexibility and understanding to all sellers. We always encourage you to hold onto hope even during tough financial times because we got your back! Nothing can go wrong if we team up and work together.

Speed is of great essence if you’ve been thinking I need to sell a house for cash. The monetary value of your home depreciates with the increase in time spent in the market. You might be motivated to sell a house as is by owner to avoid expensive realtor commissions.  Or make a quick cash sale of your home as it is. However, the hustle of the entire process can be utterly demoralizing. That’s where Texas Cash Home Buyers steps in, we buy houses as is cash. No costly repair or no realtor commissions. 

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